Maximize Sales with Jane Gold: A Retailer’s Guide

Jane Gold program from Jane Technologies

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, staying ahead means leveraging innovative solutions that enhance both consumer experience and operational efficiency. 

One such solution is the Jane Gold program by Jane Technologies. 

This cash back initiative enriches the purchasing journey, benefiting consumers, brands, and stores alike. At Heady, we specialize in helping clients maximize their use of Jane and its programs, ensuring seamless integration and optimized returns.

What is Jane Gold?

Jane Gold is a transformative rewards program, available to Dispensaries that use Jane Technologies solutions for ecommerce, and the Brands with products on the shelves.

Jane Gold allows cannabis brands to offer cash back directly to consumers who purchase their products from their dispensary partners.  The cash back offers are only available through retailers that use Jane for ecommerce.  For the Consumer, the experience is similar to receiving cash on apps like Venmo.

Launched to enhance the shopping experience without additional costs to stores, Jane Gold has added an exciting dimension to how dispensaries & brands can build loyalty in the cannabis sector.

Benefits of Jane Gold

The beauty of Jane Gold lies in its win-win-win scenario:

  • Consumers enjoy cash back on their purchases, directly deposited to their bank accounts.
  • Retailers see increased order volumes without any extra investment – as Jane Gold drives increases in conversion rates & cart sizes.
  • Brands gain the ability to directly incentivize purchases, fostering brand loyalty and consumer engagement.

Through our work at Heady, we’ve observed that retailers leveraging Jane Gold often experience a noticeable uptick in both order volume & average order value. 

How Jane Gold Works

Participating in Jane Gold is straightforward:

  1. Stores Opt In: A dispensary using Jane Technologies for ecommerce must approve the program.  As of this writing, the program is “opt in” rather than “turned on by default”
  2. Brands Make Offers: Brands dial in their cash back offers for consumers.
  3. Consumers Purchase: Shoppers see the offers, & purchase qualifying products through a Jane dispensary website or (Jane’s marketplace
  4. Transaction Fulfillment: Once the store finalizes the sale, the cash back is processed.
  5. Distribution of Cash to Consumer: Funds are directly transferred to the consumer’s bank account within 1-3 days via Aeropay, ensuring a secure transaction compliant with financial regulations.


How do brands participate in Jane Gold?

Brands interested in offering cash back through Jane can set up their participation via their Jane dashboard, selecting which products to include and the cash back amounts.

How can retailers participate in Jane Gold?

Dispensaries can sign up for Jane Gold by contacting Jane directly through the partner success email Participation involves setting up the system in their online menu and opting into the program to start offering cash back on eligible products.

Integrating Jane Gold with Your Business

Integrating Jane Gold requires minimal effort from retailers but offers substantial rewards. Promoting the program through in-store signage and online marketing can significantly enhance visibility and participation rates.

At Heady, we provide detailed guidance on effective promotional strategies tailored to your specific business needs.

Future of Jane Gold

Looking ahead, Jane is poised to further innovate the Jane Gold program, potentially introducing features like dynamic pricing and expanded product eligibility.

These enhancements promise to further tailor the program to consumer and retailer needs, reinforcing Jane’s cutting-edge position in the market.


Jane Gold represents a significant advancement in how cannabis retailers and brands can engage consumers.

By participating in this program, stores can not only increase their sales but also build a loyal customer base attracted by the promise of rewards.

Additional Resources

For more insights into leveraging cannabis retail technologies and to stay updated on the latest trends, visit our blog or explore Jane’s partner success page

For personalized advice, contact Heady directly, and let us help you transform your retail strategy with Jane Gold, and other related “no-brainers”.

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