Jane Digital Merchandising Explained: Unlock Higher Profits

Example of a sponsored row and where it's placed on a Jane menu

In today’s competitive cannabis market, staying ahead requires innovative solutions. 

This is where Jane Digital Merchandising comes in. 

As the leading ecommerce solution for cannabis dispensaries, Jane offers a robust program known as Digital Merchandising, which provides cannabis retailers and wholesale CPG brands with unique advertising opportunities – and adds incremental revenue for dispensaries that’s ~100% profit.

How Digital Merchandising Works

Jane’s Digital Merchandising resembles popular models used by services like DoorDash and Instacart but is uniquely tailored to the cannabis industry. 

By participating, retailers allow wholesale CPG cannabis brands to promote their products directly on their online menus. 

This symbiotic relationship not only boosts visibility for brands but also increases revenue for retailers, as Jane shares a portion of the earnings generated on the retailer’s website.

Benefits for Retailers

Retailers benefit significantly from Jane’s targeted advertising capabilities. By integrating Jane’s sponsored rows into their online menus, retailers benefit from Jane’s shopper data & targeting – often seeing enhanced cart sizes and improved conversion rates by suggesting the right products to the shoppers

This targeting is powered by Jane’s sophisticated algorithms, which predict the most relevant products for consumers based on their browsing and purchasing history.

Example of a Jane Sponsored Row on Jane Menu

Advantages for Cannabis Brands

Advertising in the cannabis sector can be challenging due to strict regulations. Jane offers a compliant, high-ROI advertising avenue for brands restricted from traditional channels like Meta and Google Ads. 

Through Jane, brands can feature their products prominently, directly influencing purchasing decisions without resorting to discounts or cumbersome marketing tactics.

Example of a premium category placement on a Jane Menu

Technical Insights

At the core of Jane’s efficacy is its use of machine learning technology. This technology assesses historical data and shopper interactions to optimize product placements. 

By displaying products that shoppers are more likely to buy, Jane increases the likelihood of conversions.

Example of Smart Sorted Products on Jane Menu

How to Get Started

Getting started with Jane’s Digital Merchandising is straightforward. Retailers need to opt into the program, after which they can start displaying sponsored content automatically. 

Heady provides expert assistance in setting up and optimizing Jane’s features on your site, ensuring that you maximize the benefits of your digital merchandising efforts.


What are the costs associated with joining Jane’s Digital Merchandising?

  • For Brands: Costs are primarily based on cost-per-click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM) model for brands. 
  • For Retailers: There are no additional fees to “opt-in” to Digital Merchandising for a retailer using Jane for ecommerce.

How can Heady help in implementing Jane’s features?

Heady specializes in digital marketing for cannabis brands, including many dispensaries. We have significant experience working with Jane, and helping retailers to maximize its utility for their business.

  • If your dispensary is looking to move to Jane’s ecommerce solution from another (e.g. Dutchie, Dispense, something offered by your POS provider, something custom-built, etc.), Heady can provide an easy path for a seamless segue & no downtime.
  • If you have any questions on how to integrate Jane’s technology with the rest of your marketing stack & existing systems, Heady would be the perfect “scaffolding” to help you make confident decisions about choosing systems that work together.
  • If you’d like to get a capabilities comparison vs. other solutions in the space, Heady is also available to vet other solutions vs. Jane to help retailers make fully-informed decisions.


Digital Merchandising through Jane is more than just an advertising program; it’s a comprehensive sales enhancement tool that benefits all parties involved. 

By partnering with Heady, you can leverage our expertise to ensure that your ecommerce setup is optimized for maximum profitability and efficiency.

Ready to transform your cannabis retail platform? Contact Heady today to get started with Jane Digital Merchandising and watch your sales grow.

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