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Scaling is Hard

Scaling marketing requires a technology stack, forcing marketers to get into the weeds on features & benefits.

Executives are Limited

Marketers want to be strategic, but they are bogged down by evaluating partners and analyzing numbers.

Details are Tedious

It’s time consuming for small teams to manage multiple digital strategies well, and all the tedious details.

That’s where Heady comes in.

Marketing Done Right

We started this company to provide easy access to digital services that represent the Goldilocks scenario for cannabis brands of all shapes and sizes.

We take on the work that in-house teams aren’t suited for.

"Get Great Outcomes"

Heady was born from years of frustration seeing companies struggle to achieve strong digital engagement with their brands. Heady's mission is to ensure that our partners get great outcomes from their digital investments. We act as a natural extension of our clients' marketing teams, handling everything from top-level strategy, to execution, to reporting results and optimizing.
Tim Naughton
Tim Naughton

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